Independence Township


The membership of the committee consists of eight voting members which includes five Township Board appointed citizens; The DPW Director; The Parks, Recreation, & Seniors Director; and the Township Supervisor.

The Superintendent of Safety Paths and the Township Board Representative are non- voting members of the Safety Path Committee.

Current Safety Path Committee Members are:

  1. Township Supervisor -Patrick Kittle
  2. Superintendent of Safety Paths- Kevin Daniels
  3. DPW Director- Linda Richardson
  4. Parks, Recreation, & Seniors Director- Ken Elwert
  5. Township Board Representative- Jose Aliaga
  6. North Peeks Appointment- Ian Gale
  7. Resident Member- CHAIR- Deborah Froehlich
  8. Resident Member- SECRETARY- Joseph Figa, Jr.
  9. Resident Member- Tammie Heazlit
  10. Resident Member- Jeremy Mitchell