Independence Township

About Safety Paths

The mission of the Township Safety Path Program is to promote a comprehensive non-motorized trail system that will provide recreational and healthful opportunities for hikers, bikers and walkers in a safe and accessible manner connecting major recreational facilities, points of interest, events and local business centers.

The Township safety path program was initially studied in 1978 and resulted in the formation of a Safety Path Committee. The Safety Path Committee, in formulating a recommended Safety Path Plan, has reviewed routes within the Township to determine the most feasible and efficient location of proposed paths.

The basic criteria used to identify and determine these routes were:

  1. Location of major activities areas (i.e. schools, shopping, cultural, recreation, etc.)
  2. Most heavily traveled routes
  3. Safety

Safety paths have been constructed in accordance with the Safety Path Plan either by the Township or by private developers. The Township has used special millage funds to construct priority paths. In addition, Township development regulations require safety paths on designated routes to be constructed when property is developed.

A new type of path, called the Rural Pathway, has been considered. Although no specific routes have been designated, this type of pathway could be appropriate for rural, gravel roads in the Township. The path would be constructed at a width and with materials that are compatible with a rural atmosphere.

In addition to the local safety path system, Oakland County has been promoting a regional system. In response to demand for pathway linkage systems, Oakland County Planning prepared a study of regional recreational lands groupings. These areas are targeted as primary locations for local path networks and major points of interest for county and state linkage tie ins.

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